4 Reasons to Use a Warehouse Partner

As a manufacturer, your primary focus always needs to be your production, so why worry about storage? Read our blog to learn the reasons you should consider using a warehouse partner to free up space and resources.

Smart Storage

More often than not, the space that manufacturers have available for storage is less than ideal, whether it’s not temperature-controlled, not optimized for the product type, or simply disorganized. As a manufacturer, your focus should always be on production, meaning there are far less resources to dedicate to the safe, clean and effective storage of your goods. By partnering with a warehouse, you’ll be able to have more strategic storage, ensuring you have the products your customers need when they need them, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Control Your Inventory

A common issue for manufacturers who store their products on-site is lack of control of their inventory. Because products move on and off-shelf so frequently, it’s harder to keep track of your inventory accurately, creating possible problem areas for you and your customers. Working with a warehouse partner would allow you to have accurate reporting of your inventory at all times without having to handle it yourself.

Cut Costs

Many manufacturers avoid partnering with a warehouse because they assume the cost will be higher than they’d like to be paying but in reality, it can be more cost effective than storing your own products. Costs can add up when you’re trying to do everything on your own under one roof. Outsourcing the warehousing of your goods will allow you to eliminate overhead, including significant staffing costs. If you re-invest those funds back into your production, you can make a much higher profit than when you were paying for facility staffing.

Plan to Scale

It’s hard to focus on the future and scaling your operation when you don’t have all your resources dedicated to production, that’s why warehousing has been on the rise as of late. By outsourcing the storage of goods, you can free up the time, money, and other resources currently going toward storage and apply those to scaling your business to where you can grow. You can also repurpose the space you’re currently using for storage and add to your production capabilities!

Looking for a Warehouse Partner?

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