4 Reasons Why Having a Good Warehouse Matters

Warehousing your goods is a necessity for many businesses, but how you go about choosing the type of warehouse you need is up to you. Read our blog to find out the top reasons why having a good warehouse is essential to your business.

1. Streamlining Distribution

Maybe one of the most popular reasons to choose a good warehouse is the ability to streamline your distribution quickly and easily. With one phone call and some paperwork, you can ship inventory from a warehouse to anywhere in the world! Although you’ll be paying for warehousing services, it may be more cost effective to ship this way in the long run because it reduces shipping times and costs, as compared to the ways most businesses currently ship on their own, using a range of carriers in their locations.

2. Improving Inventory Accuracy

When production and warehousing are done in the same location, inventory accuracy typically suffers. Because the movement of goods on and off shelves happens at a high frequency and it’s all under one roof, things get messy very quickly. It is a critical part of a warehouse’s responsibility to keep an accurate account of all inventory at all times, so this will not be an issue if you choose to outsource your warehousing. To be clear, you will still have control over and access to your inventory as needed, but it will be managed in a way that will offers you the exact data points you need to make your next sale.

3. Lower Labor Costs

Lowering labor costs is always a no brainer for any business owner or manager. There are only so many ways one can lower labor costs without negatively impacting their valued employees so this is a potential big win for businesses of all kinds. Because a warehouse’s whole job is to safely and securely store goods, this work is streamlined and much of it is also automated. Rather than dedicating a percentage of your staff’s valuable time to warehousing, off-loading that to a warehousing team and separate facility allows you to re-allocate those labor costs to add to production or, frees it up entirely to reduce total labor costs as a whole.

4. Productivity and Efficiency Improvements

Outsourcing your warehousing needs allows you to free up the time, space, and manpower being attributed to warehousing your goods and invest that back into production. Allowing professional warehousers to safely and smartly store your products offers you the additional resources to focus on what you do best; producing! Outsourcing your warehousing will help you de-clutter your workspace, making for safer conditions, more ability to scale your work, and more focused employees with their eyes on the prize: maximizing production.

Questions about Warehousing?

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