5 Advantages of Full Truckload Freight Shipping (FTL)

When deciding which type of domestic shipment is best for your next transport, it’s crucial to ask yourself the necessary questions to find out what your needs are. Choosing between FTL and LTL should be based on the needs of a given shipment. If any of the following relate to your shipment, you should consider opting for a FTL or full truckload shipment.

1. Time-Sensitive

If your shipment has a tight timeframe of when it needs to arrive at its final destination, FTL is likely the best option for you. With FTL services, you’ll be able to expedite your shipment to ensure it arrives on time. Because a standard shipment will have your goods on a truck with other freight being moved, there are typically several stops along the way which slows down the entire process and makes it difficult to complete a shipment in a shorter timeframe. With FTL, you will have a truck dedicated to your shipment only, allowing it to arrive safely to its final destination more efficiently.

2. Dedicated Services

During a standard shipment, freight forwarders are managing the movement of many different shipments and contracts, attempting to move all freight in the most efficient way for the lowest cost. As a customer, your shipment would be one of many being managed and the crew will have little time to dedicate to its individual needs. On a FTL shipment, your cargo will be the only cargo onboard and the entire process will be tailored to your needs.

3. Minimized Risk

From the time cargo is first secured from the customer to its arrival at its final destination, a typical shipment will be passed through several hands. The farther a shipment is being moved, the more hands it will pass through, increasing the risk of damaging or losing some of your shipment. Although all crew members involved are trained professionals, there is always a posed risk in moving freight of this kind because of the nature of the process. FTL shipping helps customers minimize risk because it drastically decreased the number of hands a given shipment will pass through, making damaged or lost cargo far less likely.

4. Increased Equipment Options

Because your shipment will be the only priority and other customers’ needs will not have to be considered, you will have much more say over the type of truck used to ship your goods. A standard shipment will typically use a dry van but FTL shipments may also use step decks, flatbed trucks, refrigerated vans and removable goosenecks.

5. Less Hassle

Simply put, opting for an FTL shipment will minimize the amount of hassle surrounding your shipment. You will be the one and only customer for your logistics manager to please, making it easier to get your goods from their origin to final destination in the most efficient manner.

FTL Shipping Services

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