5 Mistakes To Avoid in International Shipping

When planning an international shipment, especially for the first time, it’s easy to make mistakes. With the number of moving parts and available options, the whole process can be overwhelming. There are several areas in which mistakes are frequently made. By avoiding the mistakes below, you can ensure that your next international shipment runs smoothly, efficiently and is cost-effective for all parties.

  1. Not Providing Enough Details – Before the project even begins, make sure all important details are provided and questions are answered. How many items will be shipped? When does the shipment need to be delivered by? Such examples, are just some of the many details that should be crystal clear before the first item is packed for departure. The last thing that the sender or receiver wants is a surprise issue that could have been prevented with better preparation.
  2. Not Confirming the Recipient’s Information – Many international shipments don’t arrive for the simple reason that the recipient’s address was listed incorrectly upon departure. Make sure to confirm every detail about the recipient’s address. It’s also recommended that you collect the recipient’s phone number and email address to communicate about any important updates.
  3. Not Weighing Your Options – There are several methods of transporting your shipment to its destination overseas. Be sure to communicate with our representatives to know the options available to you and decide which is best for you. Factors that typically affect the method of transport include budget, required delivery date and the destination country.
  4. Not Being Aware of Regulations/Laws – International shipping is far from black and white. There are several regulations and laws between the country of origin and the destination country that need to be considered pre-shipment. Consult an expert at LogiWorld to make sure you comply with all international importing and exporting regulations.
  5. Not Insuring Your Shipment – If you are shipping items that are particularly valuable or expensive, it’s wise to insure your shipment. Insuring your shipment reduces some of the uncertainty that comes with shipping item worldwide. Insuring your shipment helps you account for any of the uncontrollable factors that are inherent in international shipping.

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