5 Tips to Simplify Your Move

Lifehacks to Make Your Move Easier

Figuring out the logistics of moving to a new home can be a thorn in your side but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these tips to minimize the complications of your upcoming move and spend more time planning your new home!

1. Get Rid of the Belongings You Don’t Need

There’s no use in bringing unused possessions to your new home. Spend the time going through your closet, making a pile of things you no longer need or want. Do the same to the furniture, books, jewelry and knickknacks consuming your space and only bring those chosen items that provide value.

2. Pack a “Day One” Box

There’s nothing worse than feeling the satisfaction of finishing unloading the moving truck and flopping down on the couch only to realize you have no idea which box your pajamas and toothbrush are in. Take the liberty of packing a box designated for the items you’ll need and want in the first day or two in your new place so you can avoid digging through all your boxes on the first night.

3. Take a Trip to the Local Liquor Store

Your neighborhood liquor store will have the perfect-size boxes for the smaller items you’ll be moving. Most liquor cases are an ideal size for the last minute items you’ll be packing up such as your bathroom items and the miscellaneous belongings in your bedroom such as lotion bottles and hairbrushes. The boxes that come with dividers for wine are also perfect for packing your breakable kitchenware!

4. Store Liquids Together

Though it can be tempting to throw any liquids into the boxes and bins designated to the rooms they live in, be sure to keep all liquids separate from all other items in order to prevent any spillage in the moving process. To be even safer, pack them in a plastic bin to minimize any potential mess.

5. Book a Trusted Mover

Booking an experienced moving company you can trust will make all the difference in the moving process. LogiWorld LLC handles a range of services including household moves in the greater Boston area. Contact us today for a free estimate on your upcoming move!

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