Benefits of a Boston Warehousing Partner

If your company has some storage space, it can be hard to make the decision to outsource warehousing. Learn more about the benefits of choosing a warehousing partner to see if it’s the right choice for you.


Your company’s facility space tends to fill up quickly. LogiWorld resides in a 20,000 square foot facility, racked off with high roof. We accommodate warehouse storage and/or pallet storage for all industries including medical, e-commerce, research and development, construction, manufacturing, and mechanical engineering to name a few. It is not common for most companies to have 10,000 + SF at their disposal for storing their property. At a moment’s notice LogiWorld can accommodate over 100 pallets for our customers on the same day.


LogiWorld’s Massachusetts warehouse is strategically located 30 minutes outside of Boston, right off of Route 3 South. We can accommodate pallet in and out for job site deliveries same day with our straight trucks. Our location drives down cost per pallet on storage, while still being able to fulfill deliveries inner-city relatively quickly. Are you a business off of Route 3 South with space needs? LogiWorld becomes an extension of your operation for your crews to come and go to collect orders.


You have a floor-loaded trailer and/or ocean import container inbound but no crew or materials to offload, now what? LogiWorld stocks 200+ pallets at all times with crews to strip floor loaded trailers and ocean containers. We can unload, palletize, and shrink wrap, as a 24/7 service by appointment. Maybe your company needs palletizing plus long term or short-term storage? We have the capability, the know-how, and the material to get it done cost effectively, and on time.

Cross Dock

When your operation is limited access and or shutdown, you will need a partner to offload the trailer and or ocean container, store, and reload at a later date with a smaller truck or trailer. LogiWorld has 2 dock doors, and one oversize drive in with a 150+ pallet lane for large cross docks. We can divert emergency deliveries same day to accommodate delivery schedule and or a delivery requirement not currently being met.

Warehousing in Greater Boston

If you’re interesting in warehousing services in the Greater Boston area, LogiWorld has the space you need. Contact us today for a free quote on the services you need!

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