Benefits of LTL Shipping for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner, shipping costs are highly important to you. Read our post to learn about some benefits of LTL shipping that appeal most to our small business clients to see if they appeal to you too.

What is LTL Shipping?

LTL is a form of shipping that uses less cargo space than an entire truck, which is why it is called LTL or less than truckload. LTL entails the shipping of smaller-scale freight; shipments that weigh between 150 and 15,000 pounds will qualify for LTL depending on a given truck. Because LTL shipments only take up part of a truck, they are often more cost-effective for small businesses than in-house options or FTL (full truckload). If you aren’t sure which option is best for you, learn about the differences between LTL and FTL or speak with your logistics manager for guidance.

Here are some of the benefits to LTL shipping for small businesses:

Access to Experienced Professionals

LTL services offer small businesses access to experienced shipping professionals who have dealt with all of the many complications in the shipping process. Not only will logistics managers know the most cost-effective way to move your freight, they will be able to offer guidance on other parts of the shipping process such as how your cargo should be safely packaged. Having experienced logistics managers will also come in handy if something goes wrong during your shipment, as they will be able to help you file the necessary paperwork for an insurance claim.

Minimize Warehousing Costs

Storing your cargo in a warehouse while it awaits shipment can be expensive overtime. By using an affordable shipping option, you’ll be able to cut costs on warehousing. You can also opt for a LTL option that may take your cargo longer to arrive, getting it out of the warehouse and on its way without accruing storage fees.

Avoid Paying for Space You Don’t Need

With LTL shipping, you pay for exactly what you need and nothing more. Because you will only need part of a truck for your cargo, you will share the costs of transportation with the other businesses who are sharing the truck space.

Variety in Shipping Services

If you are in need of a delivery service that requires additional equipment, LTL may be the best option for you, as LTL trucks will typically be equip with add-ons and ready for a few delivery types.

Get the Best Shipping Rates

Though every shipment can vary depending on the specifics, LTL is typically the most cost-effective shipping method for small businesses. Rates can get even lower if you have flexibility with delivery date, allowing the shippers some leeway to delivery your cargo at a time that is more convenient for them.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

For small businesses that are conscious about how their work is effecting the planet, LTL shipping is the best choice on the market. By choosing a shipping method that shares cargo space with other businesses, you are reducing the number of trucks on the road and therefore the amount of emissions going into the air.

LTL Shipping in Greater Boston and Beyond

If you are interested in LTL shipping for your small business, contact us today for a free quote. Our staff has a significant amount of experience with small businesses and businesses that grow from small to very large in a short period of time so we’re confident we can help figure out what shipment method is best for you!

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