Does Hurricane Season Affect the Transportation Industry?

When is Hurricane Season?

Early September through the new year is the busiest time of year for the logistics and transportation industry due to peak produce season and the holidays. This time of year is further complicated by the unpredictability that hurricane season brings, often causing supply chain disruptions regardless of where you are in the country.

How Does Hurricane Season Affect Shipments?

There are a multitude of ways in which storms can potentially affect shipping and logistics. In the affected storm area, truck loads fall drastically because lesser resources are available. Damaged roadways running through an affected area will slow down the shipments that are able to get out, decreasing the amount of goods that are able to flow to, from and through the affected area. Even if the affected area was not a start place or destination for a given shipment, cargo may be slowed down if it has to go through a hurricane-ridden state. Though a shipment may be far from the hurricane area, if it is being moved a significant distance, some part of the supply chain will likely be distrupted by the storm and any outages it’s caused.

Challenges of Operating During Hurricane Season

The greatest challenge presented by hurricane season is the uncertainty of a storm. It is difficult to prepare for the aftermath of a hurricane when you can’t possibly know which roadways will be affected, which freight will be delayed, which suppliers will be short-handed, etc. Unlike other busy seasons, logistics personnel cannot simply send more staff into the affected area to get more numbers on the ground to deal with the aftermath of a storm because of the potential danger of the situation. Therefore, logistics companies must prepare as best as they can for the possible effects of a storm.

Preparing for Hurricane Season

The key to success during the uncertainty of hurricane season, along with the challenges presented with the busyness of the season already, is preparation and experience. Logistics personnel will get better acquainted with the possibilities of a storm season with a few years under their belts, allowing them to do their best to prepare for the potential effects of a hurricane and all the challenges it may bring.

Need a Shipment During Hurricane Season?

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