How Do Accessorial Charges Work?

More often than not, customers only learn about accessorial charges after they get the final bill for their cargo transport. At LogiWorld, we pride ourselves on being transparent with out customers, discussing additional fees wherever they may affect our customers. Use our post to learn more about the variousaccessorial charges and what you may need to budget for when planning your next shipment.

What is an Accessorial Charge?

Anaccessorial charge is a service provided to a customer during a cargo shipment that is not covered under their standard shipment fees and therefore constitutes an additional charge. These fees are added to your final bill and are often not explicitly explained upfront by many 3PLs (third party logistics), resulting in a higher total cost to the customer than they originally had planned for.

What Types of Accessorial Charges Are There?

The services that will constitute an accessorial charge may depend on the service provider you use, as some companies differ in the standard services offered so it is always best to ask your logistics manager if there will be any accessorial charges once you finish reviewing the details of your shipment. There are many services that are considered to be standard accessorial charges across the industry including:

  • Liftgate Requirements– Shipments that necessitate a liftgate to move cargo on and off a truck.
  • Redeliveries– If a shipment cannot be successfully delivered at the original time of delivery, it will most likely cost the customer extra to redelivery the cargo, as it will cost the logistics manager time and money.
  • Reclassifications– A reclass fee can occur when a carrier inspects a shipment and finds a discrepancy between the class listed on the paperwork and the actual class.
  • Special Handling– Special handling is necessary for many shipment types such as hazardous materials, particularly heavy-weight items, art work and more.

How Can I Avoid Additional Charges During My Shipment?

There is no simple way to avoid accessorial charges but you can easily avoid the surprise of these additional fees by asking your logistics manager to be very clear about which aspects of your shipment are part of the standard/quoted services and what will come at an additional cost. Many accessorial charges are unavoidable because of the particular needs of a shipment but there is no good reason to have those fees hidden from the customer.

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