How Does International Shipping Work?

What is International Shipping?

International shipping is the movement of goods, household or commercial, from one country or territory to another. There are a multitude of cases where international shipments are needed, including a family move, an international business deal, or moving goods from one owno another. 

What is the First Step of International Shipping?

Before any cargo can be moved, the first step to an international shipment is a full assessment and intake of the cargo. Most countries require a very specific, itemized list of every item included in a shipment whether it is residential or commercial goods. Acquiring itemized lists will also help the logistics management company to figure out the necessary paperwork needed for the receiving country. During the assessment process, logistics managers will work closely with the client to decide what type of shipment they will need, ocean vs. air depending on timeline and budget. And finally, a price for the service will be established. 

Export Haulage

After the intake is complete, the logistics team will need to begin export haulage, getting their hands on the entirety of the shipment in order to prepare for launch. In the preparation for shipment, items will be organized, packaged, crated (if necessary) and placed in the appropriate containers.

Export Customs Clearance

The paperwork necessary to import and export goods completely depends upon the country of origin and destination in an international shipment. Working alongside an experienced logistics manager, they will be able to handle that process from start to finish with the right shipping information from the client and making the process of Export Customs Clearance go much smoother.


When everything is in place, a shipment is ready to be processed and moved. The mode of transport will depend on each clients’ needs but whether you’re shipping by ocean or by air, your logistics manager will be able to follow the movement of your cargo from beginning to end using the latest logistics technology. Once transported, Import Customs Clearance will be processed upon arrival of the cargo in the country of destination.

Need an International Shipment?

If you’re in need of an international shipment, LogiWorld is ready to help! With over two decades of experience, we have managed thousands of international shipments and are well-versed in how to best optimize your experience. Contact us today for an estimate on your international shipment! 

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