How the End of Produce Season Affects the Transportation Industry

When is Produce Season?

Every year, produce season causes a major spike in shipping across the country, busying the streets to get crops where they need to go in order to feed Americans. Produce season begins in the spring as crops in the southern states become ready for harvest and the wave slowly moves up north in the summer months, ending right around the beginning of fall. Regardless of where you live and work, produce season affects everyone because of the disruption it causes in the movement of all goods.

How Does Produce Season Affect the Shipping Industry?

Because it is a busy few months highly dependent on fast, reliable delivery while the produce is still fresh, it makes for a hectic few months in the shipping industry. Getting any product where it needs to be on a precise and fast schedule is a tedious and costly matter, which necessitates more time and attention to be given to these types of shipments. With so many resources dedicated to shipping produce, it then leaves far less space for household and commercial customers to get the reliable, timely service they too need throughout the year. The end of produce season signals an opening in resource capacity for shippers across the country and more opportunities for timely and more cost-effective shipments for customers. 

What Does Produce Season Mean for My Shipping Needs?

If you are trying to schedule a shipment at the height of produce season, it could cause your shipment to take more time than usual and might even be more expensive for the same shipment at a less hectic time in the industry. If you are looking to ship household or commercial goods in the late summer-early fall and have some flexibility with the timing, waiting until the end of produce season might save you on time and cost. 

Shipping in New England

Like all logistics providers, LogiWorld is also affected by produce season but we do our best to not let it slow us down. Because of the technology we use, we will always be able to give our customers the most accurate timing of their shipment’s departure and arrival, regardless of seasonality. If you’re looking to get your shipment in the works and ready to go by the end of produce season, contact us today for a free quote!

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