How to Safely Export Your Goods from the U.S.

Exporting from the U.S.

Exporting cargo to another country requires not only the physical care of those items, but also the meticulous planning process and deep understanding of the laws and regulations at play. Though it is certainly a complicated process, LogiWorld has been handling exports for over 25 years, forming partnerships with countless ports around the world to give our customers the opportunity to export their goods to almost every country around the world (see a full list of countries we export to).

Because each customer has different needs, we provide air, ocean, project and courier exporting services. And because we’ve handled a wide range of shipment types since our founding, we work closely with each customer to ensure we choose the best, most cost-effective export method for your business.

Exporting Basics

Mode of Export: There are many questions you should ask before deciding if and how to export your products. In order to decide which shipment method is best for you, consider the timing of your export; is it a time-sensitive shipment or do you have more leeway? If you aren’t in a rush, an ocean option that is more cost-effective might be best for you while rushed exports should be sent by air for faster delivery.

Pricing: Cost will also be a factor in determining which option you choose to export your products; not only the mode of export but also the exporter you choose.

Restrictions: There are tight restrictions on the goods and products you are able to export out of the U.S. into another country. Your exporter will be able to tell you if your goods are acceptable for export or not very early on in the process.

Use our FAQs on our Exporting Cargo page if you have more questions about exporting goods or contact us directly.

Exporting in Greater Boston

Exporting goods in the Greater Boston area is safe, affordable and smooth with LogiWorld based out of Pembroke, MA. If you are looking for exporting services, contact us today for a free estimate on your shipment!

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