How to Safely Ship Fragile Materials

The Basics of Shipping Fragile Goods

If you have breakable items to ship to a new location, there are best practices to follow in order to ensure the safety of each item. Whether you are shipping small goods or commercial cargo, a crating and packaging job is the best way to guarantee the protection of your sensitive item.

Safe Packaging

The attentive packaging of your fragile goods could be the difference between a successful shipment or a loss. Be sure your product is tightly and securely packaged individually, protecting it from any movement that may occur inevitably on the vessel. In order to add an extra layer of safety, crating your item is a necessary next step.

Professional Crating

Whether your shipment is large or small, a crate of some sort will be crucial to guarantee it arrives to its destination safe and sound. The most common forms of crating include pallets, full wooden crates and custom decks but there are several options to fit to the needs of your shipment. Taking the extra step of choosing a secure crating option is highly recommended.

Experienced Handlers

Putting your belongings in the trusted hands of an experienced professional is the best thing you can do to keep your goods safe. Not only will your shipment be crated and packaged in the optimal way, each small detail of the shipment itself will be considered in order to have the safest move possible.

Crating & Packaging Services

LogiWorld LLC, based out of Pembroke, MA, has been handling crating and packaging shipments for more than two decades. If you need fragile belongings or commercial goods shipped safely, whether it’s across the country or across the world, look no further! Contact us for more information on our custom services and get a free quote for your job.

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