How to Ship Large, Awkwardly-Shaped Cargo

What is Project Cargo?

Project cargo is the process of transporting large quantities of commercial goods. Project cargo can be transported by land,  air or ocean depending on the individual needs of each shipment. These types of shipments are typically large, bulky items with more needs than a more standard shipment because of their size, weight and/or shape. Because these factors complicate the shipping process, it is crucial to find a logistics partner with the expertise to handle your project cargo needs. 

How Manage a Project Cargo Shipment

Managing a project cargo shipment has three core principles: proactive planning, expert-driven logistics and safe, smooth execution. 

Proactive Planning 

Much of the success of a project cargo shipment has everything to do with the foresight to plan ahead with the right tools. Having partners across the country and across the world helps to connect us with trusted colleagues who can help ensure a given shipment gets the right care. In order to ensure you can complete a project cargo shipment while staying within the timeframe and budget constraints, it is crucial to have open communication with each client and go over the details of the shipment plan ahead of time.

Expert-Driven Logistics

Though the industry is being disrupted constantly by new logistics technology, there is much to be said for the wisdom that comes with several years’ worth of experience. At LogiWorld, we have been successfully executing project cargo shipments for more than two decades, gaining knowledge and expertise with each one. With partners across the globe and state of the art technology, we can handle any project cargo shipment, no matter how awkwardly-shaped, heavy or complex. 

Safe, Smooth Execution

The professionals at LogiWorld are trained in a wide range of logistic management tactics and are thoroughly briefed on each projects, learning the exact needs and complexities of a given project. A seamless execution of each step of the project cargo shipment is crucial to the overall success of a shipment and we don’t take any step lightly. 

Need Project Cargo Services?

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