International Shipping During Holidays – What to Know

Each year, the holiday season seems to arrive earlier and earlier. Holiday lights and other decorations seem to start appearing in stores even before Halloween. The presence of holiday decorations in stores and advertisements encouraging consumers to get a head start on their shopping signals the beginning of the season, which typically runs through the New Year.

Black Friday has typically served as an opportunity for stores to cover any losses that were experienced during the fiscal year. The Black Friday scene is very familiar – lines of crazed shoppers eager to rush into a store and in order to take advantage of one-day-only deals. Black Friday is very polarizing in the sense that many consumers enjoy the experience and sense of getting a good deal, while others stay far away from the nearest mall or shopping plaza.

As a result, many shoppers have opted to begin their holiday shopping on “Cyber Monday” – essentially Black Friday, but online. The convenience of doing most or all of their holiday shopping without ever leaving their home has attracted a wealth of shoppers. The result is not only an increased workload for online merchants, but local, domestic, and international couriers, who are responsible for delivering gifts on-time and in one piece.

Managing your expectations during the holiday season can be especially difficult for those sending items internationally. With that in mind, there are a few pieces of advice that will serve you well in your efforts to make sure your friends or family receive the items for which you searched far and wide.

Plan Ahead

When shipping items internationally during the holidays, make sure to give yourself more time than you think is necessary for the items to arrive. Make sure to take into the account the possibility of the shipment getting delayed by winter weather, especially when shipping to or from regions that typically receive a fair amount of snowfall. Additionally, consider the fact that many local couriers may be closed during Christmas, or any other major holidays, and therefore not able to deliver your goods. This can add a day or two onto the delivery date.

Trust, but Verify

Make sure you receive tracking and attach your contact information to the shipment to get alerted about any delays or important updates. It’s also worthwhile to insure your shipment if it contains highly valuable items – especially those that cannot be replaced.

International Processing Times

Another factor to keep in mind is that the processing time once an item arrives in the destination country may differ by region. Depending on personnel and the efficiency of the destination country, it might take longer than expected for your item to ultimately be delivered to the recipient. This is something that can be overlooked when calculating the time it will take for your items to be delivered.

Whether you are shipping gifts or project cargo internationally, the holiday season can be a stressful time. For more tips and advice on how to survive the holiday season, contact LogiWorld today.

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