International Shipping to Ireland

Are you planning on moving to Ireland and need to get your personal belongings overseas? Moving down the street can be stressful, never mind moving across the Ocean. Ireland is a popular destination and there are many reasons why you may be moving there, from family overseas to the beautiful countryside, more and more Bostonians are packing up and moving to Ireland.

Once you have decided to move, the next step is working out the logistics of getting your belonging to their new home. International moves can be confusing with each different country providing a different set of requirements for imports.  When it comes to international shipping goods to Ireland there is a variety of things you will need.

Prior to shipping Goods to Ireland, there is a list of documents you will be required to provide to customs upon arrival. The required include.

  • Irish customs form notice 1076
  • Customs form CU56
  • A detailed inventory list of the items. 2 copies.
  • Passport
  • Documents pertaining to residency

In order to relocate with your belongings and import them duty-free, you’ll have to make sure that that they have been in your possession for over 6 months and that you have lived in the USA for more than a year.

Items that will be restricted or subject to duties

  • Alcohol is subject to duties (variable according to type, strength, etc.) and VAT (23%).
  • New furniture and household goods (items purchased within 6 months of the date of shipping are subject to Customs duties and VAT of 23%).

Prohibited items when it comes to shipping goods to Ireland include

  • Narcotics
  • Drugs
  • Explosives
  • Firearms
  • Meat products
  • Live plants
  • Endangered species and any products

LogiWorld LLC provides a wide range of services that will help you with every aspect of your international moving experience. If you are planning on moving to Ireland let us handle the shipment of your household goods. Give us a call today at (781) 630-1376.

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