Keeping Shipments Safe Using Technology

Using Technology for Shipments

Advances in technology have allowed shipment companies to keep a much closer eye on our jobs and to track our shipments through each step of the journey. Learn more about the various technologies we use everyday at LogiWorld to ensure our customers have the best experience possible. 

Transportation Management System

A transportation management system, or TMS, is a logistics platform that allows us to streamline the shipping process. Giving each of the important logistical details of a shipment, the TMS helps us to find the best shipment option for each customer. The transportation management system uses technology to help us organize each detail of a given shipment, including compliance and any paperwork required, and find the best price, mode of transportation, ports of entry and more. At LogiWorld, we use a state of the art TMS to guarantee our customers have an optimized shipment plan. 

24/7 Tracking

Thanks to technology, we are able to track the live location of every one of our shipments, whether it is a by land, air or sea. By tracking each shipment, we are able to keep customers up to date on exact delivery times and if anything is to be delayed or stalled, we always know exactly where a given shipment is. 

Contract Pricing

By using a logistics software, we are able to input all shipment information and know exactly how much each part of a shipment will cost. By guaranteeing that each part of the shipment is accurately priced in our estimate, this technology allows us to offer customers competitive pricing on shipments big and small. 

Worldwide Agent Network

With the internet connecting us to the rest of the world, we are able to partner with countless agents around the world to help us complete our shipments. Using fairly simple technology, we are able to connect with other agents to offer door to door and even same day pickups around the world.  

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