Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Freight Forwarder


When it comes to the handling your precious cargo you want to choose a freight forwarder who you can trust.

When you are choosing a freight forwarder you are choosing a partner. Someone who will work with you or your business to help it succeed. Choosing the right freight forwarder to support your transportation efforts can mean the difference between satisfied customers or unhappy ones. That is why it is so important to choose the right one for you.

Before choosing a freight forwarder you will want to ensure you know everything about your cargo. This will help you choose the right freight forwarder for your needs

  • Where is my cargo coming from and where is it going? What is the origin address of my cargo and what is the final destination?
  • How large is my cargo? What is the size/weight/dimension of my cargo?
  • How will my cargo need to be packed? Will I need additional packing services?
  • What mode of service do I need? Do I need port to port, port to door or door to door service?
  • Is my cargo considered hazardous/ do I need any special licenses to ship my cargo?

Once you know the requirements of your cargo you can now start thinking about which freight forwarder can best handle your shipping needs. Here are a few questions to consider when choosing the right

Do they have the experience you need?

When it comes to freight forwarding experience is one of the most important factors. LogiWorld has been in the transportation industry for many years. Over the years, you see what separates you from the rest and it is simple: communication, honesty, and a competitive edge. We have experience across many different forms of transportation, throughout many different industries.

Can they handle multiple types of shipments?

When it comes to getting your cargo to its proper destination you may need to utilize many different forms of transportation. For example, one destination may require ocean freight while another requires air importing. Logiworld utilizes multiple types of shipments including air, ocean and ground. We have the experience and know-how on each individual type of transportation to get your cargo where it belongs in the shortest time possible.

How do they manage your operations/shipment?

It’s important to ask who will be your point of contact for submitting documents, coordinating shipments and who will be there to help if there is an issue. Communication is key to a successful shipment. At LogiWorld, LLC can guarantee that when you call us, you will know the person on the other end by the end of that phone call, and you will have that person by your side every step of the way.

Do they have multiple service contracts?

Having multiple service contracts is important when space availability on a vessel, airline, or trucking company becomes an issue and you need an alternative. After years in the industry, Logiworld has created lasting relationships with multiple ocean, air, and land carriers so no matter what issue may arise you know your cargo will still arrive on time.

When it comes to shipping we understand how important it is that your cargo safely and on time to its destination, that is why is it so important to choose the right freight forwarder. Logiworld LLC, is Boston’s leading freight forwarder, we can handle any shipment no matter how big or how small.

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