Reasons to Use a Freight Broker

What is a Freight Broker?

A freight broker is a person or company that offers the service of managing the movement of freight between a carrier and a shipper. Using a well-connected and experienced freight broker can save you a lot of time, money and trouble in the long-run by handling one of the more complicated aspects of a freight forwarding job.

Why Use a Freight Broker?

Before deciding whether to use freight broker services, review these advantages to fully understand the benefits of using this service:

  1. Industry Expertise- Freight brokers make their living by knowing the ins and outs of the freight forwarding business. By applying this knowledge to the details and needs of your freight shipment, a freight broker will be able to manage this part of the supply chain with ease.
  2. Time Efficiency- Because this is the primary service that freight brokers provide, their experience and connectivity allows for a faster overall shipping process. Without using a freight broker, connecting all of the various parts of the supply chain will be challenging and likely cost you time in the shipping process. 
  3. Connectivity- In order to succeed in the industry, freight brokers must be well-connected and will therefore be able to connect you to the best people for the job, further guaranteeing your cargo will be transported safely. Much of the battle in finding the most efficient shipping method is finding the right people to manage it along the way and this is exactly what a well-connected freight broker will be able to do for you. 
  4. Technology- Because this is their primary service, freight brokers have the most updated technology for shipping cargo which will help you track your shipment along the way. This constant knowledge will allow a freight broker to foresee any possible complications and act accordingly to get your shipment to its destination on time.
  5. Customer-Focused- By working with a freight broker, you know that as the customer, you are their top priority and their job is to make you satisfied with their services. Therefore, a freight broker will have your best interest at heart and see to it that your freight arrives to the final destination regardless of what challenges there are along the way. 
  6. Flexibility- Freight brokers allow you the flexibility and scalability that you won’t have otherwise, with the capability of brokering shipments of all shapes and sizes. Freight brokers are also used to working with the ebbs and flows of seasonality and typical shipment size changes so there will be no issue in having a variety of shipment sizes overtime. 

Freight Broker Services in Greater Boston

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