Shipping Freight to Different Types of Locations

Shipping freight to different locations makes for a very different shipping experience for both the client and the logistics manager. Additional service fees are typically applied to many delivery location types and are crucial to know ahead of time. Read on to learn about how shipping to location like an international dock is different than having your freight delivered to a rural farm.

Shipping to a Commercial Location with a Dock

The most straightforward way for a shipment to be delivered is when the destination is a commercial business that has a dock. This way, the truck can be unloaded right onto the dock and into the building without the need for assistance from a driver. Because it is the easiest logistical shipping option, it is also typically the most affordable because you can avoid price adjustments.

Shipping to a Non-Commercial Destination

If your destination is non-commercial, that can add many obstacles to the delivery process. Most businesses are commercially zoned, making it much easier for trucks to have the time and space they need to complete deliveries. That doesn’t mean deliveries can’t be made, they can, but it will require additional fees on top of the standard shipping costs, as the logistics manager will have more work to do to make it a smooth delivery. These deliveries are further complicated when the destination is on a busy road or in a city.

Shipping to a Limited Access Location

Limited access locations are those that are gated or have some kind of obstacle to entrance for the delivery driver. An accessorial fee is typically added to limited access location deliveries because of the challenges faced as well as the additional time dedicated to complete these deliveries. Often times, limited access deliveries require the use of a lift-gate. Some examples of limited access destinations are military bases, storage units, schools, colleges, and churches, to name a few.

Shipping to a Construction Site

Most construction site deliveries require additional fees in order to have the delivery completed, as construction sites and equipment necessitate more time and effort from the logistics manager and driver. Additionally, most construction site deliveries require the use of a lift-gate, which is an accessorial fee. Make sure you consult with your logistics manager if you are delivering to a construction site so you can know what to expect to pay.

Getting Help Shipping to Different Types of Locations

If you still have questions about shipping to different types of locations or you have a location type that didn’t make our list, contact our team at Logiworld. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have and give you a quote on your upcoming shipment!

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