So What is A Freight Forwarder?

What is Freight Forwarding?

A freight forwarder is an international transportation intermediary. Freight forwarders specialize in the arrangement of storage and shipping of merchandise on behalf of shippers. Freight forwarders can provide a full range of services and are qualified for air freight, ocean freight, and ground freight through the different government agencies, IATA, FMC, and FMCSA.

But what does a Freight Forwarder actually do?

There is a lot that goes into international shipping from the details of your shipping to getting your belongings to the intended destination safely & securely. Freight forwarders handle the logistics of shipping goods from one international address to another. Freight forwarders provide reliable transportation of your products, while managing all logistics of shipping to ensure goods arrive on time to their destination. They also manage the risks and benefits of shipping both nationally and internationally through using the latest advances in information technology

Why should I be using a freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder can be a trusted partner for your logistics needs, and more importantly, someone that can help your business succeed. In this fast-changing world which is highly reliant on supply chain optimization, cost efficiency, timeliness, and consistent service, a freight forwarder can go above and beyond offering services that many other common carriers simply cannot.

  • Flexibility– Freight forwarders are able to provide a relationship with agents. They can provide sound, strong bonds with their agents and many times even better relationships with their agents than common carriers have within their own companies.
  • Manageability: Unlike large carriers or 3PLS Freight Forwarders hold the ability to control and manage your shipments the whole way through. Many carriers have too many hubs and processes to manage your shipment through the entire process but freight forwarders are able to.
  • Versatility: Freight forwarders are more hands on and versatile than common carriers. They can assist you if you make a shipping mistake. For example, a freight forwarder would be able to know if you shipped your freight to the wrong address and would inform you as well as ship it to the correct address. While a carrier service would just simply ship it back to you without even contacting you.
  • Solve Problems: Freight Forwarders can help you solve problems. A good freight forwarder has a stake in your business. They can look at your shipping and logistic needs and offer you the most direct and cost-efficient solutions.

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