The Basics of Warehousing Services

What is Warehousing?

Simply put, warehousing is the act of temporarily storing household or commercial goods that will later be distributed to a final destination. Warehousing often occurs when a client needs to get a shipment off of their hands but it isn’t ready for delivery just yet. It is also common for clients who do not have much storage space of their own and need a place to keep their products until they are ready for delivery.

Where are Goods Stored?

Warehousing services require a sizable amount of space, as most clients looking for warehousing service are looking to store large quantities of goods. Warehousing providers will know exactly how much storage space they have at any given time so be sure to check with your prospective provider that they have the space for your order. In order to safely store their clients’ goods, a warehousing provider must have a tight system on how and where to safely and securely store each item in their warehouse, making sure that the goods themselves are securely placed and that no one in their warehouse will be in danger.

How Does Warehousing Work?

All warehousing jobs require the same system in order to receive the goods, store them, and eventually get them to their final destination. This system includes receiving, putaway, storage, picking, packing, and shipping. An order is first received, either by client delivery or pickup, and the official transfer of goods is done. Then, the warehousing provider will decide the best system for put-away, identifying the most optimal location for the goods to be stored. Storage is when the goods have been placed in the best place for them and where they will wait to be moved upon departure. Picking is the process by which the warehousers go back to the goods and find the order that is now ready for shipment. Once the order is secured, it is packed and prepared to be shipped. Finally, the order is shipped and leaves the warehouse, completing it’s time in storage.

Challenges of Warehousing

The greatest challenge in warehousing is efficiency. If each step throughout the process is not optimized, it will complicate the entire process, which could cause delays in shipments and cost the warehouser revenue. Most experienced warehouse managers have tackled these challenges, learning overtime what the best systems are for the space and resources they have. If you’re looking for an experienced warehouse to store your goods, look no further. LogiWorld’s warehouse managers have two decades of experience in optimizing their system, making warehouse management a simple process from start to finish. Contact us today for a quote on your next warehouse project!

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