The Importance of Customer Service in Freight Forwarding

Customer Service in Shipping

If you’re wondering what sets us apart from our competitors, look no further than our commitment to customer service for each of our customers, whether it’s the local family moving across the country or a large corporation. At LogiWorld, we make customer service our top priority, tailoring our business functions to the needs of our customers and how to best serve them. Find out the various aspects of our customer service offerings to see how we stand out. 

Around the Clock Monitoring

Modern technology has allowed us to keep a close eye on each and every one of our shipments, whether they are by air, land or sea. By using technology in our shipping process, not only are we able to keep track of our freight, but our customers are able to get live updates on the status of their shipment. With a high-tech transportation management system and 24/7 tracking, you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive to the destination safely. 

Trusted Experience

The team at LogiWorld has been in the industry for a long time. Combined with over 30 year’s of experience, we have the expertise to handle all modes of logistics, serving the Greater Boston area handling exports, imports, project cargo and more for a range of customers across various industries. Being in the business so long has enabled us to perfect the process, tailoring each shipment to the customer’s need with regard for the rules associated with each shipment. Because there are laws and regulations around most shipments, it’s imperative that you choose a shipping company who knows the industry in and out.

Chat with Us Anytime

Our chat function on our website allows you to directly contact our head of operations with any questions you may have regarding a potential shipment or service that we offer, any time of day or night. At LogiWorld, we always put the customer first, matching each customer with the best shipment process for them based on their needs. If you’re interested in shipping household or commercial goods, contact us today for a custom shipping quote!

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