What are the Benefits of FTL?

Choosing FTL for your shipping method is a great option for many types of businesses and shipments. Read along to learn more about what FTL is and what its benefits are to see if it might be a good fit for your shipping needs.

What is FTL?

FTL stands for “full truckload” and refers to a shipment that necessitates the use of an entire truck to be filled, meaning one whole truck will be dedicated to one shipment and one client.

What is the Difference Between FTL and LTL?

For most shipments, you will have the option between FTL and LTL and in most cases, the choice is yours. If you have a significant amount of cargo and/or are in a rush to get your cargo at its destination as soon as possible, FTL is likely your best option, as your cargo will be the only cargo in that truck. If you have less than a truckload’s worth of cargo and have a bit more flexibility on when your shipment needs to arrive by, LTL may be a better bet.

Ultimately, the different between FTL and LTL transportations is that FTL dedicates a full truck just for your cargo, whereas LTL will transport your cargo in the same truck as several other shipments heading in the same direction, making stops along the way where necessary.

What are the Benefits of FTL as a Transportation Option?

In considering if FTL is the right shipping option for you, here are some of the benefits of opting to go with FTL over other shipping methods:

  • More Options and Flexibility

    Choosing to go with an FTL transport, you will have many more options and flexibility in the shipment, being the only client on that truck. You will not have to work around other clients’ schedules, delivery times, or destination locations.

  • Speed of Transport

    Typically, FTL transports can be completed in less time than LTL transports because there are less factors at play (fewer clients, fewer destinations, and fewer pickup locations). The resources that would otherwise be put into the other clients can be applied directly to your transportation needs and as long as your logistics partner has all the information they need, they process should be smooth sailing from there.

  • Additional Weight and Size Limits

    Without needing to balance the weight and size of your cargo with other cargo on the truck, you will have less limitations for the total volume of your shipment in an FTL transport. Additionally, it will be easier for your logistics partner to configure the truck in a way to make everything fit, making for an easier on-loading and transportation process.

  • Minimized Risk

    Opting for an FTL transport will also minimize the risk of damage in the shipping process, as there are less outside factors. Because your cargo will be passed through less hands and will not be packed alongside other clients’ cargo, the overall risk to your shipment is lesser than other shipment types.

Interested in FTL Services?

If you are still unsure if FTL is the right option for your shipping needs, contact us today and we’ll be happy to offer a recommendation after gathering more information about your shipment. We also offer free quotes for all our services so you can get an idea of how much FTL or another shipping option would cost you before making your decision.

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