What Does Coronavirus Mean for Shipping Your Goods?

At LogiWorld, we know this is a tough time for everyone, that’s why we’re committed to continuing our range of shipping services as long as possible. Learn more about how we’re able to ship household goods and cargo during the coronavirus pandemic.

Will Coronavirus Affect Shipments?

As of March 17, 2020, COVID-19 or coronavirus has been classified as a global pandemic, halting work and the movement of goods in many places around the world. In order to best contain the spread of the virus, safety measures taken by many cities and countries will alter the accessibility of these places but in most cases, shipments are still possible.

State-to-State Shipping

At this point, there is no ban on interstate commerce across the contingent 48 states as well as Hawaii and Puerto Rico. All common carrier LTL providers are fully operational along with owner-operator truck drivers and rail partners. For LogiWorld, this means we have been able to continue to conduct our interstate shipments as planned.

International Shipping

While civilian travel bans have been implemented on several continents, neither the CDC nor the CBP have recognized cargo as a way of transmitting the virus so international shipping remains permissible. Although it is still an option, you will want to consider the influence that lack of airfreight travel may have on your shipment. If you are shipping to or from one of the countries with a travel ban, be sure to work closely with your shipment manager so you are fully aware of any and all operational delays you may experience.

Can I Ship To and From China?

China has turned the corner on its COVID-19 outbreak with the exception of immediate Wuhan city limits. China as a whole is fully operational for both ocean and airfreight import into the US. That being said, US manufacturers are under severe backlog. Rates out of China are very unstable via air and there are capacity issues by ocean. LogiWorld is fully staffed and ready to bring you budgeted options on both. We have affiliated partners in every major port and airport throughout China to get your supply chain moving again.

Questions About Shipping?
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