What Is Cross Docking?

Cross Docking Basics

Cross docking is a service offered by logistics companies that often makes the shipping process quicker because it skips over the need to store freight in a warehouse. Logistics managers also benefit from cross dock shipments, as they open up space for more storage space in the warehouse for a higher volume of shipments. Cutting out the warehouse along the supply chain also requires less staff time and attention on a cross dock job, saving the logistics manager time and money.

Challenges of Cross Docking

Because there is no warehouse storage during the movement of freight, cross docking allows for a higher margin of error if not handled by the right logistics manager. It is essential to arrange a cross dock shipment with precise timing, ensuring that the outgoing truck is at the drop off location and prepared for transport when the shipment arrives. Because there are sometimes interruptions in the supply chain and cross docking is so time-sensitive, it is essential to have a trusted, experienced logistics manager who can make the right calls it tough situations. 

Types of Cross Docking

Load Unit Level is a type of cross docking where freight pallets are moved intact from one mode of transport to another. This is the most straightforward form of cross docking, as the freight is quite simply moved from one truck to another. Because of the minimal engagement needed, load unit level cross dock tends to be efficient and cost-effective. 

Case Level transport is when a shipment is moved in cases, breaking up a shipment into several smaller loads for ease of transport. A majority of retailers use this form of shipment in order to move their products swiftly through the supply chain and arriving to a parcel service to get to their final destination. 

Mixed Case Level necessitates more hands-on treatment and resources for logistics managers because they are unpacked and redistributed by staff onto new pallets for their final shipment. 

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