What is Freeze Protection?

Freeze protection services are the strategic actions taken to properly prepare sensitive cargo shipments for transportation in the winter months. Because there is a combination of unpredictable weather conditions, messy roads, and the inevitability of the cargo being in a cold environment through part or all of transport, freeze protection is a key component to successful winter shipments. Freeze protection services aren’t necessary for all types of cargo but for anything that is temperature-sensitive, it can be quite essential.

How is Cargo Protected from the Cold?

The ways your cargo will be protected from the cold will depend on the logistics manageryou choose to work with. There are a variety of ways that cargo is kept warm in the winter months including heated trailers, pallet blankets, multi-layered packing and expedited shipping. Most logistics managers will also keep a close eye on the weather throughout the transportation area and be sure to plan around any inclement weather where possible, avoiding particularly cold or dangerous routes.

What Types of Cargo Should Use Freeze Protection Services?

There are several shipment types that should use freeze protection services to ensure the cargo arrives in the optimal condition. Some of these include: any kind of food or drink, paint, pharmaceuticals, oil, batteries, cleaning supplies, electronics, wooden furniture, musical instruments, and many more.

If your cargo item is not on this list but you may be concerned about the temperature in which it is shipped, be sure to check with your logistics manager to see if they would advise freeze protection on your shipment.

Freeze Protection in Greater Boston

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