What is Guaranteed Delivery & Why Does It Matter?

What is Guaranteed Delivery?

Because cargo moves through several locations and passes through many hands throughout its journey, an exact timeframe for delivery is not always commonplace. By choosing guaranteed delivery, you will put a rigid delivery schedule on your shipment, clearly labeling your cargo as crucial throughout the supply chain process. Depending on where the origin and destination are, a shipment will likely pass through several different shipping personnel which can slow down a standard delivery because of the multiple load and unloading times, cargo movement and any customs logistics in between. In a guaranteed delivery, your shipment will be prioritized and marked with the guaranteed delivery date, allowing all shipment personnel to treat it as time-sensitive and move the shipment as needed in order to arrive at its destination on time.

When Should I Use Guaranteed Delivery?

When making the various decisions of how to best ship your cargo, whether or not to choose guaranteed delivery should be a consideration. Though all types of shipments use guaranteed delivery, commercial cargo is a more prevalent customer than residential shipments, as they tend to be more time-sensitive. The decision to choose guaranteed delivery should come down to a handful of factors; the time of the shipment planning process, the urgency of the delivery and your budget. If you are planning your shipment well ahead of time and the delivery estimates given by your logistics manager are well ahead of your schedule, you might not need guaranteed delivery services. If your delivery is urgent and you’re depending on your cargo arriving on a given day, guaranteed delivery is the way to go. Because guaranteed delivery is an additional service on top of the shipment of your cargo, be sure to plan for the additional fee and ask for a quote from your logistics manager.

What is a 3PL and Why Should I Use One?

3PL stands for third-party logistics provider. There are several benefits to using a 3PL to manage your cargo shipment, including their experience and expertise along with the highly-skilled network of shippers around the world. 3PLs manage the most complicated aspects of moving cargo over a long distance, connecting each parts of the supply chain to safely and efficiently get your cargo where it needs to go, on time. While some are hesitant to pay for the service, the peace of mind and ease of efficiency that comes with working with a 3PL is often worth the investment for most. 

Choosing a 3PL Provider

Looking for a 3PL to ship your cargo with guaranteed delivery? LogiWorld, based out of Greater Boston, works with shippers around the country and around the world to manage the movement of goods in a safe and timely manner. We also have expediting options to get your shipment to its final destination even faster. Contact us today to get a quote on guaranteed delivery on your next cargo shipment! 

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