What is Step Deck & How Does it Work?

Though flatbeds are one of the most widely-used types of trucks for transports, step decks have added some much needed versatility to shipping and trucking in the last few decades. Learn more about step deck trailers and how they compare to other options in the market.

What is a Step Deck Trailer?

Step deck trailers were invented to carry particularly tall cargo that exceeds the height limit for traditional flatbed trailers. Because some cargo was simply too tall to transport safely via flatbed trailers, those transports would take much more time and money, leading to the invention of step deck trailers which have become the silver bullet for tall cargo. Because step decks have much higher legal limits, drivers can operate a step deck trailer without special permits, which they would normally have to obtain for tall cargo on flatbed trailers, saving the customer, the driver and the logistics manager time and money.

Step Deck vs. Flatbed Trailers

The main question to ask when deciding between a step deck and a flatbed trailer is what type of cargo will you be carrying. Most standard cargo will fit in a flatbed but if your freight exceeds 8 feet, 6 inches tall, a step deck trailer will be your best option. With some basic information from you, your logistics manager will be able to tell you which type of trailer you’ll need for your transportation.

Truck Sizes

If you already know the precise dimensions of your cargo, you can quickly tell which type of trailer you’ll need for transport. Here are the standard dimensions for step deck trucks:

Step Deck Trailer Height:
Top Deck: 5’
Bottom Deck: 36” to 42”

Step Deck Trailer Length:
Top Deck: 11’
Bottom Deck: 37’ to 41’

Step Deck Trailer Width:
Top Deck: 8’6”
Bottom Deck: 8’6”

If your freight is taller than 8 feet, 6 inches tall, you’ll most likely need a step deck trailer.

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