What is Supply Chain Sustainability?

Learn more about supply chain sustainability to see the added benefits it has to businesses and customers!

What is Supply Chain Sustainability?

Supply chain sustainability is the way to optimize the various stages in the lifecycle of a given service to make the overall process as sustainable and environmentally-friendly as possible. There are several ways this can be done throughout the process and professionals across industries are learning how their role in the supply chain can be best optimized for both efficiency and sustainability. In shipping and logistics management, there are a handful of benefits to supply chain sustainability including minimizing individual emissions, increased ROI, and having happier consumers.

Increased ROI

By adopting more sustainable business practices, companies can improve their overall ROI thanks to bettering their reputation in the market and cost savings. Though most companies will have to put money into the upfront costs of building more sustainable practices, the long-term investment starts to pay off and most often will make it well-worth the initial costs. The most common savings in shipping are thanks to optimizing routes to reduce fuel use, decreased idle times, and also making the change to alternative fuel types.

Happier Customers

As more nations are focusing on curbing carbon emissions, consumers are also becoming more aware of their own footprints and are in search of services that can give them the output they need while minimizing any harm. A recent study showed that 47% of consumers are ditching brands that don’t align with their values, giving businesses even more incentive to utilize sustainable business operations and practices.

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