What to Know About Dangerous Goods Segregation

Dangerous goods separation is the practice of ensuring that hazardous, flammable or otherwise dangerous goods are separated within the shipping parcel in which they packed. Items that fall into the dangerous goods category include explosives, flammable gases, flammable liquids, toxic gases, radioactive material and objects that are susceptible to spontaneous combustion. For those who are not familar with dangerous goods separation, it is akin to Post Office employees asking if your package contains anything liquid, fragile, hazardous or perishable in order to properly sort it with other packages.

If multiple items are placed near each other that should not be, it creates an extremely dangerous situation for transporters handling the shipment. Thus, it’s important that all potentially dangerous items are placed in different sections within the vessel. A chart similar to the one below is typically utilized for this purpose.

Such charts are sometimes color-coded or use various symbols to make it easier for freight personnel to sort out items based on their category. It’s important to keep in mind that items that fall into any of the above categories may be included in a separate shipment if space is limited. Thus, there is the possibility that items may arrive at different times based on the situation.

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