What You Need to Know About Importing into the US

Importing into Boston

Massachusetts has always been a major port, connecting the United States with the rest of the world, and the business still remains lively here today. Because Boston has historically been used as a port, the systems and standards for imports have been perfected over the years, allowing companies like ours to serve the needs of our customers in an affordable and efficient manner. 

Import Regulations

The United States government keeps a close eye on the goods coming into the country and restricts any and all items they find unlawful. Any importer you choose will be able to tell you if your products will be acceptable for import or not. With more than 25 years of experience importing both residential and commercial goods into the United States, LogiWorld has not only familiarized ourselves with the necessary regulations, but have been able to form strategic partnerships that allow for the importing process to be streamlined. 

Import Options

When importing goods into the United States, you have options on how you want your cargo transported. Ocean imports are a popular option for larger commercial property, allowing more space at a lower cost to the customer but these imports take the longest amount of time. For more time-sensitive shipments, air travel is your best bet, getting your products into the United States in far less time but for a higher rate. Your import broker can work with you to find the best option given your needs.

Customs Clearance

Customs is a necessary part of any importing job. In order to ensure that only lawful goods are being brought into the country, each importer must go through customs procedures and processing. This is not something you, as the customer, will need to worry about, as your importer will handle everything from ISF assistance and compliance to standard customs clearance paperwork and procedures. 

Find an Importer Near Boston

LogiWorld handles imports big and small, in and around the Greater Boston area. If you have additional questions about importing goods into the United States visit our Importing page FAQs section or contact us today for a free quote on your import!

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