When Should My Business Utilize Project Cargo?

When your business needs to transport valuable items domestically or internationally, there are a few suitable options that will assure your belongings arrive safely and securely. However, if you have oversized, heavy or unusually-shaped items, project cargo is the most effective option.

Heavy Lift

Also referred to as “heavy lift”, project cargo refers to the process of transporting items that wouldn’t normally fit in a standard shipping container. For example, what if you need to move an entire house to a new location? The home will obviously not fit within a typical storage container, and as such, an alternative solution is needed.

For commercial construction firms, the transportation of cranes and large vehicles to a job site is a frequent need. Heavy lift solutions are utilized when the item cannot be broken down into multiple parts. Heavy lift items can typically be transported by flatbed trucks, aircrafts or barges.

Break Bulk

Similar to heavy lift, break bulk refers to extremely large items that require increased personnel to disassemble upon departure and assemble upon arrival. Break bulk projects can vary in cost, depending on the required manpower to successfully complete the project from start to finish.

Flat Rack/Open Top

Items may also be placed in “open top” or “flat rack” containers if they do not fit in a normal shipping container. With flat rack/open top solutions, the items are usually wrapped with protective material to ensure they are delivered in their departing condition.


If the shipment is extraordinarily large or heavy, cranes and pulley systems may be used in order to pick up and place the items on the departing vehicle.

In need of project cargo services?

Project cargo shipments do not happen overnight. Due to the increased, sometimes unusual size and weight of the items being shipped, project cargo projects require experienced and reliable personnel. At LogiWorld, we partner with only the most trusted project cargo specialists around the globe, who have helped countless clients transport their items both domestically and globally.

For more information on our project cargo services, please contact us today, or fill out our custom transportation quote form. We look forward to helping you with your next project cargo project.

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