Why Your Business Should Partner With A Independent Freight Forwarder

If your business frequently ships goods internationally and domestically it may be a good idea to partner with a freight forwarder company. But when deciding on whether to choose a large multinational freight forwarder or a smaller independent freight forwarder there are many questions you will want to ask.

So why choose an independent freight forwarder for your business?


Smaller independent freight forwarders can be a lot more flexible when it comes to handling your shipment or adjusting their operations to better suit your needs. Large multinational freight forwarders are stuck using their own overseas offices which may not always be the best option for your freight. Many times these offices do not have the expertise required to handle your specific shipment. Independent forwarders work with a network of service providers and agents so they are able to switch the services to reflect the needs of you and your cargo.

Higher Quality Customer Service

With smaller independent freight forwarding companies you are usually dealing with a handful of individuals rather than one of thousands of employees around the world. You are able to build relationships with these people rather than just being a number to them. Independent freight forwarders offer a more intimate, one-to-one relationship that can help improve your operations as they become more familiar with your operations and needs. LogiWorld, LLC can guarantee that when you call us, you will know the person on the other end by the end of that phone call, and you will have that person by your side every step of the way.

Competitive Prices

Smaller independent freight forwarders can offer lower freight rates because of their lower overhead, expenses, and wider carrier options. We are able to offer competitive pricing while still offering better service and customer service. We are able to work with our network of agents to get the best pricing based on your specific needs.

Operational Efficiency

Smaller freight forwarders can be quick to adjust their operations to fit the needs of any customer. If there is an issue during your shipment independent forwarders have a large network of agents that they can count on in case there is a problem. Large multinational freight forwarders are stuck using their own overseas options. This means they do not have the ability to switch service providers or improve their level of service if there is a problem.

When your business partners with an independent freight forwarder, they are ensuring the very best for their international and domestic freight shipments. Independent freight forwarder focuses on ensuring your cargo arrives at destination without delay or penalties, and more importantly, sees you as a partner, rather than a number on the monthly sales report.

At LogiWorld LLC we are an independent freight forwarding company committed to providing you the very best in customer service and pricing while ensuring your freight arrives safely and on time every time! Call LogiWorld today for your free quote or to find out more about how we can serve your business.

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